Jammu facing severe shortage of water supply


Jammu: With mercury rising at an invincible pace, the summers of Jammu residents are getting worse due water crisis in the city. People residing in outskirts of Jammu, are facing problems due to shortage of water.
In these hot summers the city areas like Purani Mandhi , Jain Bazar,Ploura, Ban talab , Muthi , Durga nagar are reeling under water shortage.
This has affected the lives of the people in many ways, as they have to walk long distance to get drinking water.
There is no supply of water in Jain Nagar from last 2 days, people are fighting for drop of water. “Even basic needs like drinking water supply are denied to us, what else will the government do for us?” said a local resident furiously. “Drinking water has become yet another challenge of our lives”, he added
Urgent repairs at Tawi Filtration Plant has apparently affected the water supply in certain areas of the city, as per a PHE official.
According to Sunil Gupta , SE, Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department, due to urgent repairs at Tawi Filtration Plant, the water supply to Dhounthly, Pacci Dhakki, Mast Garh , Jullakha Mohallah, Kachi Chawni, Ustad Mohallah , Narainia Mohallah and Fattu Chowghan will remain partially affected on July 4 and 5.
He has advised the people to use the water Judiciously.

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