Jammu Far Away from the ‘Kiss of Love’

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Brave New India protests Moral Policing through ‘Kiss of Love’ and Jammu doesn’t because the word love itself is enough to be frowned upon

Moral Police – groups of extremely vigilant Supposed Law Holders who impose on the society their own law and order to control things under the shadow of their orthodox sentiments in the name of culture and virtue shunning every hope of modernization and liberty. Many instances of Moral Policing have been observed in numerous states of India. Workers and activists from the commonly known extremist groups have many times destroyed pubs and night clubs in Pune. A handicapped boy in Jharkhand was tonsured, garlanded with shoes and tied to an electric pole because he was just suspected to have smoked opium. Activists of another group attacked a birthday party in Mangalore, including some girls, around 12 of them were beaten, stripped and molested with this cause, “The youngsters were involved in Indecent Activities and were found consuming alcohol.”

Picture of kiss of love campaign at JNU Courtesy: Indiatimes
Picture of kiss of love campaign at JNU
Courtesy: Indiatimes

Jammu, however, remains on the other side of this world or maybe some other. It has barely encountered any case of Moral Policing by the aforementioned groups looming in still from the primitive era in recent history. The groups here are more stealthy and worldly wise. The Aunty Circles here, like all small towns, have all the information about who is doing the naughty and who is clean. The coffee shops on Residency Road or Gandhi Nagar are never seen overflowing with people from young age groups. A girl or a boy riding on a bike is frowned upon excessively such that the immense forces of staring alone should be able to asphyxiate them together. I am not even discussing a girl walking with a boy late in the evenings on any busy or secluded roadside, because why even go that far for another pointless discussion. Things here in Jammu will not change at least in my lifetime!
Bahu Fort, among other parks, is probably a place where couples can be spotted once in a while but even that is not without the unnecessary fear of facing raised eyebrows of this relentlessly invasive society. This, even when you are merely sitting on a bench uninvolved in any activity and separated, say, by a hundred feet! And then, you will always have some police constable targeting the harmless pair of people poking them with statements like “Kya chal raha hai yahan?” Bahu Plaza’s restaurants hardly observe any unmarried couples and are rather crowded only with groups of friends. The simple reason – Sharing of love is impermissible here in Jammu yet, let alone any invitation of a protest like “kiss of love”.
You see, the moral police do not have to bother about a place such as Jammu. The society here is doing their job. Girls here don’t go out with their friends for the fear of being spotted by someone known to them. “My parents will not like it even if you are just talking about going for coffee” is a common line the boys in Jammu are familiar with. Love that is not objected to, not scowled but more importantly, not discouraged will have to wait a long, long time to see the light of day.
In India, one group vandalizes in the name of love and shatters or burns places up or even worse beats young people often to within an inch of their lives to set an example. To exclaim with loud chest beating that ‘Public love is not our culture and we will do anything to prevent it’s westernization by youth that has lost its way!’ The other group has just started Kissing in public as an empirical equivalent to vehemently protest the first group’s hate propagation. Jammu, sadly, is not going to be the part of this burning social media sensation, either in the vandalizing department or in the Kissing!

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