Jammu: Fresh hair chopping incident triggers panic, woman claims of seeing a ‘saaya’


Jammu: In a fresh hair chopping incident reported from the heart of the Jammu city, a woman has claimed to have seen a saaya, who chopped of her hair.

The woman has said that she had made a bun, and was washing utensils when she felt a strain on her head, and felt someone just pulled off her ‘jooda’ after which she fell unconscious. When she woke up, she found her hair lying on the floor and saw a shadow (saaya) leave the premisis.

The incident has triggered panic in Rehari colony, as people are clueless about how this is happening. WHile there are many theories,none has been proved. Police has recieved almost 28 cases in a fortnight, alone from jmmu province. The recurring incidents have put the police department and administration in a tizzy too.

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