Jammu girl’s facebook friendship turns to four months of rape

Jammu, April 21: Social Networking has its pros and cons. It is upto us how we let it affect our lives. Some get easily carried away while some know the difference between safety and stupidity. One poor girl happened to be the victim of the cruel world of facebook. This happened in 2015, the girl was studying in J&K and she  befriended one Parvinder Singh, a resident of Dharampur in UP, on facebook. It was just a matter of time when their friendship turned into love and they grew inseparable. One things led to another and they decided to get married. The guy here, sent the girl his address in UP. Young love that it was and totally blind, she followed him down there and they got married in a Gurudwara.

After about 4 months into the wedlock, things started showing their true colors. And the promises that Parvinder had made, seemed empty. He had earlier proclaimed to be the owner of a dairy farm, but the girl found out the truth about that. Parvinder was had told her that he was a business guy was actually  no more than a loafer. Then, he started forcing her into being physical with him and abused her for about four months. The girl managed to escape and then reported the incident with the Police Station in the industrial Phase, Mohali. The policemen managed to get hold of Parvinder after a few failed attempts. He has now been sent for the police proceedings for 5 days.

Fortunately for her, she got out soon, but there are many others who don’t get to see freedom. Falling prey to the tactics of these flesh-hunting pricks is what girls do and then have to pay for it. Caution!!


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