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Jammu Government School disaster

Jammu and Kashmir News

Kathua:  The Government of the state has been trying to uplift the standard of education since a long time now. In spite of the many efforts put forth by the government, the teachers of a Government School in Samba have failed big time. They have been unable to meet expectations. As a result, when the result of 10th standard JKBOSE was declared few days ago, the outcome was shocking. All the students of 10th standard from Government High School Dayani failed the board exam.

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The school had 18 students who were studying in 10th standard. As much as it is a shock for everyone who comes across the news, it is also a matter of disgrace for the school authorities. This particular school has a total of 13 teachers. The fact that not even a single student could pass the exam directly points at the lousy attitude of the teaching staff.
As per the sources, this is not the first time that a school from Samba has had such a terrible result. Many other government schools too have shown 0% result in the past. When the Chief Education Officer Samba, O.P. Bhagat was asked about the result, he said that he would check with the teachers and send the report to the Director of Education. Meanwhile  increment of the teachers of this school has been put to halt. The agitated parents, however, demanded the suspension of such incapable and inefficient teachers.
What is even more intriguing, is that the Minister of State for Education, Ms. Priya Sethi had  visited the school premises exactly a month before the board exams and while she was visiting, she saw some slogans misspelled and wrongly written on the walls of the school. Seeing this she rebuked them and urged them to be more vigilant.

After such an embarrassing outcome the teachers of the school have been avoiding any contact with the parents of the students. And the parents on the other side feel deceived.

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  1. Sunil says

    One month salary of all the teachers should be deducted and all should be transferred to hard hilly area.

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