Jammu has alot of talent and potential:Beth Gibbins


RVS IT welcomes another British client into its Network Operations Centre in the newly formed Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Beth Gibbins from a reputed IT Company in the UK is in Jammu for a week to work with the team and arrange knowledge transfer sessions. The objective here is to train the team up on latest technologies and platforms used abroad on day to day basis.

Beth Gibbins during her visit to Jammu says, “Over the last few years, we have built a very strong relationship with our fellow team members in Jammu. They are very hardworking, dedicated and full of talent. Coming to Jammu has been a complete eye opener. I had heard a lot of negative things about Jammu and Kashmir but visiting Jammu has completely changed my perspective. People here are so welcoming, polite and very helpful. I am very grateful that I decided to visit my colleagues here in Jammu.”

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Vikrant Gupta (Managing Director, RVS IT) says, “RVS IT is continually working to increase its footprints around the major tech houses in the world. Our objective is to bring International business into Jammu. Having customers showing their confidence in us and working with our teams in Jammu. It just motivates us and gives the much needed boost. We are growing faster than before and have international opportunities which gives excellent exposure and career to youth while being in Jammu. They don’t need to leave Jammu and their families anymore to hunt for a career.”

RVS IT which came into existence in 2014 has managed to achieve quite a few accomplishments. It has recently sent its Jammu based employee to visit client onsite in the Netherlands. RVS IT has been working with big Hospitality brands around the world like IHG, Rezidor, Hyatt, Hilton and many more. The exposure of working with these big brands bring in a lot of experience and knowledge for the team based locally in Jammu providing technical IT services to them 24×7.