Jammu has the biggest fan of Veteran Actor Jeetendra Kapoor and He is a living replica!!

Have you ever spotted this person selling belts in Raghunath Bazaar, Jammu?

Jinder Pal

The passion to follow one road for life is something that is missing in most people we meet on a daily basis. However, when you come across anyone who has been following their passion for their lifetime, you can tell at ease that they are some of the HAPPIEST people to come across. While taking opinions on current issues from people in Raghunath Bazar we were told about this very high on life person who goes by the name Jinder Pal. More often than not people belonging to humble backgrounds are ignored by everyone and no body pays attention to their lives or skills.

Jinder Pal is known to every shop across Raghunath Bazaar, Purani Mandi, Kanak Mandi, Hari Market. Most people will have a smile on their face while telling you about this man who has been an ardent follower of yesteryear actor Jeetendra. Jinder Pal has been doing his own small business on Raghunath Bazaar for 32 years and though he may not look it, he is 50 plus years of age.

He stutters a little but does act like Jitendra while delivering Jitendra’s dialogues at ease. He even dances like Jitendra used to and is definitely a sight to look at when emulating. We have attached some images at the end of this post.

Q. When asked why he likes Jeetendra over any other actor of his time he answers

A. Jeetendra had a unique style to himself. In his Bollywood years, Jeetendra had his own style statements that separated him from everyone else. Be it the Jackets, Sunglasses or even more, his famous style of Dancing. I have religiously followed Jeetendra for 40 years.

Now let us tell you that Jeetendra’s acting career spanned 30 years and he worked in approximately 160 movies. Jinder Pal here has watched 150 of them and that is not a lie. See his collection for yourself.





About this extensive collection Jinder Pal says that it has taken him 20 staggering years to amass all these Video CDs. “Everytime I find a CD of Jitendra, I simply buy it. I have never had a lot of money, but I have always managed, even if with difficulty, to get the CDs.”

Q. It must have been difficult to watch movies in theatres at the time of Jeetendra here in Jammu?

A. Thankfully there were theatres, but money was always a problem. I would sneak out on many occasions from home to watch a Jeetendra movie. I would get caught too and would get a thrashing from home. Sometimes my friends would lend me the money. But I have only ever watched Jeetendra’s movies in the theatres.

Q. Did you even get a chance to meet Jeetendra? (Money was always an issue at Jinder Pal’s home)

A.”It was always my heart’s deepest wish to meet my hero but there were always limitations”, gets sad, “and I could never go to Bombay (Mumbai) to meet him there. However, I did get to meet him in Jammu once before 1980 and then I again met him in 1992.”

He further goes on to add that in those two meetings he did not have his heart’s fill in talking to the actor. “I did get to speak with him, but not as much as I wanted,” he says with a hint of disappointment.

Q. If you get a chance to meet with Jeetendra, even if only for five minutes, what would you say to him?

A. I will touch his feet in a greeting and tell him that I am a big fan of his. “Main unke charan pakad loonga, aapka bohot bada fan hoon, main kahunga unse.” To me he is my God.

*You really have to hear the earnestness in his tone.*

One really has to be a true fan to understand the above sentiment. We are sure you have the family objection question doing rounds in your mind by now and we did ask him the personal question.

Q. Your family does not object to your being a fan with such deep devotion? Some people must make fun of this.

A. My family is very supportive of me. My children know that their father is a big fan of Jeetendra’s. There are people all over the place who make fun of me. But this is a passion for me and it helps me ignore the laughs.

We respect that sentiment for sure. In any case we will end the interview here but here are a few images of his acting skills with him enacting the Yesteryear actor, Jeetendra. We hope you enjoyed the article.

IMG_0936 IMG_0915 IMG_0898









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