Jammu hoping BJP does not capitulate to PDP’s diktats to form Govt

After a month long delay the PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti, and BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav did finally meet to discuss government formation. While both sides are hopeful of positive development, the people in Jammu especially those who voted for the BJP are apprehending major concessions to the Kashmir centric PDP. People in Jammu worried that BJP might give in the demands of PDP like lifting of AFSPA, and go soft on several Kashmir centric issues while failing to get any assurance on relief, and citizenship to west Pak refugees.

Its supporters are already worried about the dilution of BJP’s ideological stands with regard to Article 370, end of discrimination, relief to west Pak refugees, delimitation of constituencies. Already the party has failed to get anything worthwhile for the region, and as far as getting AIIMS is concerned the party failed miserably. In the wake of the recent JNU episode, the party also has to take care of the sensitivities of the nationalist people of not only Jammu region but also across the country because there is a battle going on between those promoting separatism, and nationalistic ideology.

The people in Jammu are hoping that BJP ideologue does not forget the party ideology, and values while negotiating with the PDP as it mean letting down the people for the second time in a row. Jammu has suffered enough humiliation because of the saffron party’s capitulation in the state to the separatist agenda of alliance. Jammu voters would prefer a fresh election rather than seeing a subservient BJP pandering to the diktats of the PDP, whose sole agenda is to cater to it’s constituency of soft but orthodox separatism.