Jammu to host one-day seminar on ‘Pedagogically Sound Use of Textbook as an Instructional Aid’



One-day seminar for elementary school science teachers is being organized by Frank Educational Aids (FEA) on August 23 in Jammu on “pedagogically sound use of textbook as an instructional aid”. It has been often seen that textbooks are poorly used by classroom and teachers need to be trained to use textbooks as learning aid rather than a course material to be covered during an academic session.
Often, it has been observed that teachers tend to run through a textbook, which makes teaching pedagogically unsound, asserted the organizer, RP Sharma of FEA, while justifying the need of the seminar. It is learnt that thirty-odd elementary teachers of schools in Jammu city and near-by towns are expected to attend the seminar.

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Since textbooks tend to be the main instructional resource for teachers in deciding what to teach and only resources to which most students have a handy access, it is worthwhile to train teachers in proper use of textbooks, said Jaipur-based educator Dr. Lalit Kishore, who has been identified as resource person and coordinator for the seminar.

According to the coordinator of the seminar, since science textbooks have now lustrations, graphics, diagrams, activities along with the content, the seminar will hold sessions on techniques of cognitive-enhancing vocabulary building; techniques of drawing diagrams and visual symbols; preparing activity sheets; preparing worksheets as learning aids; and reading to restructure text and preparing concept maps.  These topics were also used successfully at another teachers’ seminar held in Indore recently.