Jammu: IG Rath Riding Bike Without Helmet? Here’s The Truth Behind This Viral Whatsapp Video


In a recent Video doing rounds on Social Media, a bald man can be seen riding a motobike without helmet on the streets of Jammu city. In order to gain publicity and garner views, a number of youtube channel’s apparently associated Jammu and Kashmir IG Traffic, Basant Rath’s name with it. The video has been shot from behind and the face of the person is clearly not visible. The video stops at the moment the rider is about to show his face. This looks nothing short of a deliberate attempt to defame IG Rath.

It is pertinent to note here that Rath has taken up the task of regulating traffic in Jammu and Kashmir like never before. In his pursuit of educating the jammuites about Traffic rules and traffic safety, while on one hand he has garnered fame and recognition, on the other hand he is drawing flak from many for his ruthless attitude and language. Thus with the purpose to defame him, this video was uploaded on media. We request our viewers to not fall prey to every information available on Social media. Kindly double-check what you read or see on the web.

Meanwhile, take  A Look at the Video:


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