Dear female teachers in Jammu, please do not cry Feminism! Transfer Policy Scandal Described


#Opinion – Puneet G

The permanent school teachers and lecturers under JKBOSE Education Department have not received their salaries for 3 months and the reason here is lack of funds. The Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers have not received their salaries for over 10 months now for the same reason.

But this piece has got little to do with the salaries of the teachers. As I got down to speaking with the affected teachers about their day to day expenses, a bigger nuisance came to fore. All the teachers may very well be grappling with shortage of funds but the males commonly rued about the sheer discrimination meted out to them re the postings.

Over 70 percent of the teachers and lecturers employed in Schools Across Jammu division are females and this means major posting problems for the males who are a majority. It is majorly the males who get posted to remote areas and that too frequently. Females on the other hand enjoy postings in plum locations or within Jammu city limits, leave alone moving to remote areas.

One may voice a view of how females should be dealt with a softer hand. However, is it not legit for a male teacher to question how so many female teachers have been teaching continuously in schools for 17 years at a stretch? This is not merely an allegation. The make teachers allege a a definite collusion between the administration and bureaucracy which allow such favours to female teachers. The male teachers allege that a lot of female teachers have never moved out of Jammu city even once in their tenures of twenty years even when there is a requirement that all the teachers employed by by the J&K government have to serve in the rural areas.

The recently exposed scandal, where four schools which existed on paper only but not on ground shows how this scandal works in reality.

-A school ‘X’ is created on paper and then funds are released in its name.

-A ‘y’ number of teachers are employed in school ‘X’ and real salaries are cut out for these teachers.

-This salary is given to a History teacher teaching in a real school where History is not even an approved subject but students interested in studying History are present.

So in a nutshell a teacher, male or female, who does not want to move out of the city uses political influence or the influence of money through alleged bribes and special posts for unapproved subjects are created in schools.

Now, since the majority of the teachers are females who never move out to rural or remote areas to teach, it is easier to pin the alleged blame of collusion on them. There have been multiple cases when those in administration have asked females to shift to remote areas but the female teachers have either cried foul an used the unconquerable tool of Feminism, even as a sizeable number of teachers are from influential families.

The tables have turned many a time with the females blaming a male-dominated society and a poor Principal himself having to repeal the female teacher’s transfer in a remote area to somewhere within Jammu City. Since the transfers are a necessity, the male teachers are repeatedly sent to rural areas or fake posts are created as described in bold above.

This is in true defiance of Feminism where if the female teachers really want to uplift members of their gender, ideally they should use their spirited defiance to go into the remote areas and serve specially the female students in these areas. That would be true upliftment. Simply using feminism as a tool for personal perks is double standards.

The Males here are not wrong and deserve justice.



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