Jammu, Kashmir chambers to work in unison; stay away from politically sensitive issues


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and its counterpart Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) have joined hands to work on issues confronting various business sectors and overall development of the state.

In a joint press conference held at KCCI office in Srinagar on Friday, the presidents of both KCCI and JCCI put forth several demands, which both the chambers would be raising with the government but vowed to avoid raking up any conflicting issues.

“With regard to policy matters and issues wherein there are divergent views, it has been decided that both the Chambers – with respect to the sentiments and views of people of both the regions – will restrain themselves from raising such issues which may have a tendency to vitiate the environment, have political colors and are not directly related to trade, commerce and industry,” said KCCI President Javed Ahmad Tenga.

JCCI President Rakesh Gupta said incidents of violence should not be “blown out of proportion” as this has a negative impact on tourist influx to the state, especially Kashmir.

Among other issues, the chambers said that the government should fix a deadline for completion of developmental projects, as delays result into cost escalation.

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