Jammu and Kashmir Flood Crisis:Is it a time to declare an emergency?

By Sant Sharma
Is it time for the Centre and the State governments to declare an EMERGENCY in Kashmir in view of the continuing inclement weather?
Communication disrupted completely. Telecommunication, water supply, medical and other services doddering, and no respite from rains.
Things seem to be only going from bad to worse.
Is it the first time the preparedness and resources of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) will be tested to the hilt.
We have among us Shaleen Kabra, IAS, consigned to sidelines by this government.
Mr Kabra was with the NDMA while on Central deputation. Can we make use of his services in this hour of crisis?
Rescue and relief, every which way, should be top priority right now lest more lives are lost and more property damaged.
The Army had improvised, in the past, and posted vehicles with charging facility for mobiles in public places.
Why can’t the same be done now?
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