Never too late for good administration- Jammu and Kashmir moves one step closer to a corruption free government

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With Mufti directing strict overhauling of various departments and now sacking of 63 civil servants in the course of administration, Jammu and Kashmir has been delivered the good governance that even AAP couldn’t deliver in Delhi. Many parties have come and gone with the promise of providing a corruption free government but PDP and BJP union, despite their ideological differences has been delivering at least the promise of good governance, which in every aspect is the most vital change that the J&K is in dire need of.  From the administration department to education, Mufti is leaving footprints of his stern no-nonsense approach towards governance.

In his maiden action to remove the deadwood from the state administration, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed showed door to five administrative service officers, three medicos and two chief engineers among the 63 officials who were sacked. Naaem Akhtar ordered premature retirement of 63 officials including five KAS officers and two chief engineers on recommendations made by the high level committee headed by Chief Secretary Muhammad Iqbal Khanday.  In one of its kind move, the minister said, 25 of 63 were caught red handed while accepting bribe and disproportionate asset cases were established against 11. The rest of the sacked officials have delivered bad performance.

This action, as the Minister says, is a warning shot to all the tainted and corrupt officials so that they mend their ways soon enough. The message conveyed by the Ministry is coherent- the good performers are in safe hands and the rest can have the exit door opened for them.

3 thoughts on “Never too late for good administration- Jammu and Kashmir moves one step closer to a corruption free government

  • July 2, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Corruption free,J&K state may be long cherished dream of our people but at the same time they are bit hopeless from those weilding power to eliminate the menace.Though Mufti has made the beginning but its popularly believed that BIG SHARKS will never caught by any authority as their nexus in highest political dimension wel known.It could be good beginning if Mufti as CM put those politicians on HIT LIST too whose rags to riches stories are talk of the towns.There are such ample instances where corrupt employees has amassed heaps of wealth even humiliating BIG BUSINESS houses of state.Peon\Forest Guard\clerk\MPW within no time climb to TOP as KAS\IAS officer becaz they enjoyed the patronisation of political powers.How Ex DyCM PRO just forest guard became more powerful than his BOSS but none could touch him is live story of massive corruption.As Mufti as CM deserves our Kudos for touching the rotten blocks,such reports appeared in media,how the terminated employees hired the services of some BJP ministers to save themselves.Transfer Industry which realiven by the new govt exposed how for posting of just SHO of choiced station need minister ASHIRWAD which only available at some consideration.However,Mufti as CM if sincere towards his challenging mission of CORRUPTION FREE state,this will be his great service to those who always trusted his leadership.IWSD,in Akhnoor which made poor employees CROREPATIS can be best challenge for Mufti Sahib to know how developmental funds and World Bank’s sponsored programmes made victim of lust for money by the corrupt state employees.

  • July 2, 2015 at 7:21 am

    if govt’ succeeds in earadication of corruption from jammu and Kashmir it will a milestone in the history of j and k! PDP BJP Going good, new recruitment policy, also a very special effort! now AFSAPA should be revoked to smash a kick on NC Congress failures?

  • July 2, 2015 at 8:14 am

    Kahi Labour & EPF Department ko bhi dekho Ye Log Garib logo ka right Kharaab Kar rahe hai……………..


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