Jammu lad drove across 29 states, 7 UTs to spread the message of positivity


Jammu, December 24: Son of the soil, Vickrant Mahajan: a former Mr India, a motivational speaker, multiple Guiness Book of World Records record Holder has returned back home after completing a road trip across India as a part of his motivational campaign called “Superpositivity India”.vickrant mahajan (3)

During the campaign, Vickrant along with his parents, mother Veena and father SK Gupta drove through all 29 states and 7 union territories of India in one continuous trip. He visited about 100 government schools mostly in the tribal and backward areas all across India wherein he motivated more than one lakh students belonging to the age group of 3 to 18.

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Vickrant started his journey from Jammu on September 19. He drove 20,000 kilometres across 650 towns of India. According to him, driving through all the four corners of the country which are Turtuk in J&K, Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh, Guhar Moti in Gujarat, and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and the centre of the country Nagpur in Maharashtra was the most amazing part of his road trip. He returned back to Jammu on Dec 21st.

As a matter of fact, he took this remarkable trip in a small car rather than a jeep or an SUV, the vehicles which are preferred for long journeys. This revolutionary campaign was the first public initiative funded and organized by Vickrant’s NGO, Superpositivity Movement. Using a small car for the trip was because Vickrant wanted to spread the message that in life, there should be nothing like ‘limitation’. “Once you fire your will you up, you can certainly find a way to do anything,” he says.vickrant mahajan (1)

With this campaign, Vickrant also became the first Indian to hold motivational talks in all 36 administrative regions of India.

When media people asked him to recall the most amazing part of the trip, he said that he drove in the northeastern part of the country which was exhilarating yet an arduous experience. He recounted that the there were stretches where roads were virtually non-existent, and it took him 10 hours to drive 100 kilometres. People in places like Madurai and Kanyakumari were shocked to see a car with a number plate bearing J&K registration number.

Talking about another – memorable incident, he added that he  was driving to Chennai from Pondicherry on the December 1, when the highway was suddenly shutdown due to floods. It was the heaviest downpour he had ever seen, and he drove for three hours through knee high water to reach the nearest safe town, Kanchipuram.

Also, Vickrant thanked his parents for supporting him and becoming a part of this trip. He said that there were days when they had to travel for continuous 16 hours but his parents never complained and this attitude of them inspired him to go further.

In future, Vickrant aims to organize many more motivational programmes to create a mass wave of positive energy in India and internationally.