Jammu leadership sleeps as Kashmir MLA delivers Anti-India speech at JNU



If you are a government employee in J&K, you are forbidden to comment against the government or the country on social media. The comments can land you in Jail. The gag on social media activity by individuals, however, appears meaningless as individuals from the Kashmir valley are known to deliver fiery speeches to rage fires in the already volatile atmosphere.

The speeches, previously restricted to Kashmir have not started finding voice as well as participation in the heart of the nation. JNUSU at JNU is a student group with left leanings. They had recently invited Engineer Rasheed who is an MLA from Langate and the talk delivered was poisonous.

Rasheed spoke ill for the nation, insulted many Prime Ministers but worst was his spewing venom against Indian Army. Sadly, these were all funny jokes to JNUSU members. Insulting the Indian Army was a bloody joke!


Oddly, the leadership from Jammu, which also includes BJP that is sharing power in the coalition, has not reacted even once at Rasheed’s speech is not just defamatory, but it also amounts to defection that should lead to Rasheed’s disqualification as an MLA. That the Kashmir leadership may not say a thing against Rasheed’s antics is at large a political move as vote-banks can get compromised but why leadership from Jammu has chosen not to complain is startling!