Jammu loses out on new railway division due to bickering by local politicians

Jammu Railway StationWhile earlier politicians of Kashmir, and those from Jammu battled each other for resources but now it seems that political differences, and ambitions of local politicians of Jammu, and Udhampur region have also come to the fore, and in the latest instance the railway minister was forced to drop the announcement of Jammu railway division as there is competition between politicians of two areas.
Sources said that Railway ministry had planned to carve out Jammu railway division out of Ferozepur division, and and it was to be announced in the present railway budger because of the politicial tussle the idea had to be dropped. There was great hope among the masses in Jammu that a new railway division would be announced but for the politicial interference of vested interests, this planned creation of Jammu division which would have been a historic first could no matrialize. The paper work for setting up railway division in Jammu was initiated on February 24, 2014 and the entire blue-print for development of Jammu railway division was all set to happen but for the differences between politcians of two districts who come from the same province.

While Jammu would have got a divisional office, the plan was to set up a sub-divisional office in Srinagar and developing Udhampur as the main link between Jammu and Srinagar. Sources said leaders from Udhampur were not in favour of setting up a division office in Jammu as they wanted it to be set up in the hilly region which though is not possible. Immense pressure was put on the railway ministry at the centre to ensure that divisional office at Jammu was no announced. Sources said had the decision been implemented Jammu could have emerged as a major rail head with station from across north India under it’s jurisdiction. However, the differences between politicians particularly those from BJP, who have major say in government at the centre has ensured that city of temples which earlier suffered discrimination at the hands of Kashmir, is now belittled by politicians from Udhampur as well. The day is not far when politicians, and their cahoots will ensure that fights ensue between Hindus of the region, who otherwise consider Jammu as the natural leader of the province as it challenges the might of Kashmir.

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