Jammu must come together to defeat plans to divide it on communal lines


jammuThere are strong murmurs in the state that some powerful and vested interests in Jammu and Kashmir are pushing the agenda to trifurcate the Jammu province into three zones which would be Chenab valley comprising Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban, Pirpanjal region comprising Poonch, Rajouri districts, and Jammu plains comprising of Kathua, Samba, Jammu, Udhampur and Reasi. Political analysts describe this move as wholly communal, and as part of the plan to create a Great Kashmir by dividing the Hindu and Muslim populations of the state. It has been consistent policy of the Kashmir based politicians to divide the Hindus and Muslims in the name of religion, and to somehow delink the muslim majority areas from Jammu region, and get them either linked or merged with Kashmir. The game is to destroy the secular, and unitary character of the Jammu region on religious basis, and this is nothing but playing into the hands of the enemy across the border.


It has to be made clear that there exists no political or geographical entity called the Chenab valley, and the idea of confining Poonch and Rajouri into Pir Panjal region is also faulty because people of this region have strong connections with Jammu historically, and they are part and parcel of the economy, and geography of the consolidated Jammu province. Apart from this Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban are also part of the contiguous mountain range of which Poonch and Rajouri are part, and the talks of these areas being geographically and politically different is just meant to attain subversive political goals for those sitting in Kashmir, and trying to divide the state on communal lines. They just have one goal and this is to perpetuate their political hegemony forever.

Like always the Jammu based politicians, and leaders have failed to understand the political strategy behind these moves, and they swayed only by their own selfish interests raise the slogans which are dictated to them by their Kashmir based political masters, and mentors. The people of Jammu should be beware of such leaders, and time has come to stay united and defeat the attempts being made to divide Jammu province on religious bases. This is also an attempt to weaken the political voice of the people, and to ensure that they remain subservient to the Kashmir centric politics in the state.