Jammu: Narcotics Control Bureau busts inter-state drug racket


In what the Jammu and Kashmir Police claims is one of the biggest seizure of narcotics purportedly three people from Mumbai have been arrested. The matter is under investigation, as it is alleged that money made by them was used to fund stone-pelters in terror-related activities. Narcotics control beaureu busted the racket in Jammu, when they intercepted the car near Panjal area.

A cavity was created in the car to conceal the drugswhere they had stored nine packets of Cannabis.

 “They were coming from Mumbai to chennai in the Santro car. They collected contraband from a man from Anantnag, Srinagar named Mushtaq. On their way to Jammu, the police intercepted.”, said the official from Narcotics Beaureu.

This is the biggest recovery since 2 months.

The police expect more arrests in other states, especially Punjab, over the next two or three days.

Earlier last year, 10 kg each of “high quality” heroin and brown sugar were confiscated and an inter-state drug racket busted with the arrest of five in Jammu city. Rs 11.44 lakh cash was seized from the arrested people.

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