‘Jammu’ now in Austraila: Don’t believe it? Read this


Amazed at the caption? Well, it’s about a resturant named ‘ Jammu ‘ which has taken Australia by a storm.


While Indian market is abuzz with International food items, and Italian Pizzas, and Burgers ruining our kids eating habits, a Jammuite’s endevour has taken the traditional dishes of Jammu to Austraila.

The resturant which began it’s operations in Austraila around 2 years back, has become a talk of the town in Australia.


Dogras are the natives of Jammu region. While staying off the radar of main stream cultures, dogras are known for their valour and street smartness, at least to those who know about them.

Mera Jammu: You can send a dogra anywhere or even export him abroad, he may see all the glory the world has to offer, but he’d compare everything to Jammu and would always want to come running back to the beautiful hills. Yes, homesickness prevails but all for the right reasons.

Shiv Kumar Mamotra, who is now a Permanent Resident of Australia, shifted from Jammu to Australia in 2008, but the love for ‘Jammu’, always remained etched in his heart. Shiv went to Australia with a dream of taking Jammu on International podium, as his grandmother always wished so. “She always said, ‘puttra kuteh b jaaya, par Jammu gi ni pulleyan'”, Shiv recalled during his conversation with U4UVoice.

So he started this restaurant chain  in Australia with name Jammu.

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Shiv’s entire family is engaged in the restaurant and serves Australians with Jammu’s authentic, dogri dishes.

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Check out the menu –


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