Jammu: Power to remain affected at ‘these’ areas tomorrow!


JAMMU: To carry out the work for improvement of 11 KV line, the power supply to Panjthirthi Poonch House to Chowgan Slathia and Mubarak Mandi fed from D-2 Feeder shall remain affected on August 27 and 29 from 9 am to 2 pm.

Likewise, the power supply to Panjthirthi Police Naka to Bhairav Temple fed from D-3 feeder shall remain affected onAugust 27 and 29 from 9 am to 2 pm.

Meanwhile, to carry out the work of branch cutting of trees under the corridor of 33 KV line and routine maintenance works at 33/11 KV Receiving Station Basholi, the power supply to Nagrota, Basholi, Bhoond, Bani and its adjoining areas fed from 33 KV Mahanpur-Basholi-Bhoond-Bani Line shall remain affected on August 27 from 8 am to 4 pm.

However, to execute work of shifting of load from BB-I Grid Station to BB-II Grid Station Bari Brahmana, the power supply to Bari-Brahmana Industrial Area fed from 33 KV Narbada Line from BB-I Grid 33 KV New Kartholi, BB-II and BB-III lines from BB-II Grid shall remain affected on August 27 from 7 am to 10 am.

Meanwhile, in order to carry out emergency maintenance work such as replacement of damaged jumpers and droppers, clamps of sorts including replacement & tightening of nuts & bolts of 33KV yard, the power supply to Bari Brahmana Town, Vijaypur, Smailpur, Jakh, Kartholi, Parts of Greater Kailash and Industrial units fed from 33KV Narbada, BB-II and Birpur complex feeders fed from 132/33/11 KV Grid Station, BB-I shall remain affected on August 27 from 7 am 10 am.

Similarly, the power supply to Billawar, Macchedi, Mahanpur Basohli, Bani and adjoining areas including industrial areas fed from 50 MVA, 132/33KV  Grid Station Mahanpur  shall remain affected on August 27 from 8 am 2 pm.

Likewise, the power supply to Dogra Hall, Rehari, Ustad Mohalla, Resham Ghar Colony, Bus Stand, Jewel, Hari Market, Raghunath Bazar, Kaleeth Mohalla, Kaleeth Market, Part of Kanak Mandi, part of Karan Nagar, Malhotra Mohalla, part of Ranbir Market and adjoining areas fed from 33/11 KV New Sectt. Receiving Station shall remain affected on August 27 from 7 am to 5 pm.

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