Jammu-Punjab rail line doubling delayed by two years

JAMMU, Aug 4: The rail-track doubling work which has now been going on for years on the Jammu-Pathankot-Jalandhar stretch is nearing completion but the double line which was to open next year in March has now been delayed by two years.

This delay is owed to a small patch of 7.5 km long track from Madhopur to Kathua, involving a bridge on river Ravi. The completion of work on this small stretch is going to push the deadline from March 2017 to ending of 2018.

According to officials, the present construction work of the substructure of Railway Bridge over Ravi River can be expected to finish next year in May. The work on the super structure, although is yet to begin, however, the job work has been awarded after opening of tenders for the same.

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It is this superstructure that would get completed after approximately two years and even though the rest of the track would have been completed, the dual track traffic would start only after 2018 August. By the time the superstructure is complete, the work on the bridge over Beas river between the 2.5 km long Beas block Hut to Mirthal will also be completed thus commissioning of the entire project of Jalandhar-Jammu Cantt Rail-line doubling, approximately by August 2018.

The length of the track between Jammu and Jalandhar is 211 kilometres and its doubling was sanctioned in 1997-98 at a cost of Rs 408 crores at that time. The work on the doubling began in 2002 as planned work was carried out in different sections between various Railway Stations (Block sections) depending on the availability of funds.

In 211 km long section, there are 26 stations in between, 406 minor bridges and 88 major bridges, including bridges across river Beas, Chakki, Ravi, Ujh and Basantar.

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