Jammu Railway Park in Shambles since last 4 years


Citizen Pictures by Ashok Gupta

The park inside the premises of Jammu Railway station was constructed with a vision to provide the tourists a peaceful place to sit in while waiting for their trains. But the condition of this park, as shown in pictures, is not at all serving the purpose.
Jammu railway park (4)  Jammu railway park (2)  Jammu railway park (1)

With heaps of garbage lying here and there, oddly grown grass, damaged fountains, the park is presenting a very dirty picture to around 30,000 passengers daily who come to Jammu with an idea to see beautiful scenic beauty.
Jammu railway park (3)

The park is in this distressful state for last four years but the railway department has decided to adopt ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards it which is Shameful.


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