Jammu : Saving diluting culture of Jammu Dogras

Image sourced from: Merinews

Culture is a very critical context that determines happiness, subjective well-being, quality-of-life, and life satisfaction of individuals. It is so much ingrained into our beings that we are not able to appreciate it unless we are separated from it.

Leading a regular, a uniform life makes living monotonous and sad. It is like breathing and not living. Cultural diversity adds the flavor to life, the zeal to live, and an adventure.

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Like the essence of any other culture, Dogra culture too has its own charm. The way saffron enriches the beauty of Kashmir, so does the colorfulness of Dogra culture.

Every bit of what constitutes this whole culture is amusingly beautiful. Not just a culture belonging to the utterly beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir, it’s a way of life.

But the saddening part is that like many other extinct cultures, dogra culture is also fading away with a hand full of warriors left striving for its savage.

The zeal that we find in our people to participate in other activities is much more than how much considerate they should be in trying to save their culture and tradition.

Youngsters are too embarrassed to use dogri dialects sitting in between dogri friends only. Youth for sure have the best understanding capacity but what matters is what exactly are they giving importance to?

Getting deep into the roots of esteemed dogra culture, it will catch hold of your personality so strong that you would never want to leave the aura created by it.

There can be enormous number of young people who can contribute their bit in the saving of Dogra culture which somehow is getting diluted in the breeze of what they wrongly consider western culture.

This blessing our state has been blessed with should be eternal and a never ending bliss. And the ones who are trying to save it are ecstasies.  We are not so concerned about how the outside arrangement is.

We can’t really fix it that easily; you can’t sit on a rock and be ecstatic. If this is not fixed, you can sit in a palace and be utterly miserable.

This is the whole, you know, affluent cultures in the world are displaying this enormously. We are becoming that tree whose roots are gradually being cut by ourselves only.

We should maintain our culture by practicing it like telling about our culture to the young children by having cultural meet discussing with others like classical dance or music or any other events or festivals we can restore our heritage and culture.

Like they say, “charity begins with home”, primly we should spread the aura at our homes. What we need to keep in head is where we emerge from. If it ends, would come an end to our reality!