Jammu Sex Racket Busted | Exclusive Sting Operation by U4UVoice

JAMMU: While cases of drug abuse in Jammu are at an alarming hight, police in Jammu have an even bigger scandal to set their eyes at. The cruel prostitution market is bludgeoning with young girls from rural as well as urban areas being lured in this trade.

Jewel Chowk in Jammu has been primarily an infamous spot for such malicious activities. Located in the heart od the city, tourists as well as locals are often seen interacting with a few similar women standing at the footpath almost every alternate day.

But that is not all, the sting investigation carried out by U4UVoice has revealed that prostitutes are carrying out their business without any fear of getting caught. U4Uvoice installed a complete set-up to record the horrendous activities going on in the periphery of Jewel area.

The shocking fact that came out was the fact that this illegal trade was being carried out right below the nose of police personnel as can been clearly seen in the video.

Recently police had busted a Social Media sex scandal based in Jammu, but the real world scandal still remains hidden from the eyes of administration.

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  1. Rohit sharma

    Hats off to u guys……..carry on the good work……

  2. Arun suri

    Good job done…..we need to act upon it for our society

  3. Can this be stopped,the question is this bcoz not only public places but places like boutiqes and beauty parlours have also been involved in this kind of trade according to recent reports.Sting operations do help u get aware of these kind of activities but the results aftermath are the same evwrytime.The activities still go on and on.We must find a solution to stop it once and for all.

  4. Make prostitution legal. Let no woman be threatened and exploited by the law enforcing agencies, who take money and free services by exploiting illegality of prostitution. Then rehabilitate and reform those involved.

  5. B D Sharma

    This is a system failure, a strong admins traction is a need of the hour. well done dear friends. Involved officials need sting operation.

  6. Thats why islam offers polygamy to prevent women from adultary

  7. Hatss off u guyzzz realllyyy u r doingg gr8 jobb god bless u guyzzzz


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