Jammu Shocker : Junior Doctor abuses Health Minister at GMC, calls him corrupt – Video Goes Viral


A junior doctor of Surgery Department of the Government Medical College and Hospital Jammu used abusive language in front of females against the Minister and alleged that Minister takes bribe.

As per officials of the GMC Jammu, the situation arose due to unscheduled power cut causing huge inconvenience to the patients, attendants and doctors working in the hospital too. When needy attendants asked about the issue to a PG of the Surgery Department, instead of politely directing them to report the matter to Control room or Medical Superintendent, he lost his temper and started abusing attendants first and then the Minister for Health.

The incident took place in full public view in the emergency wing of GMC hospital where Doctor Sharang Gupta, PG (surgery) first year student, abused Health Minister, accusing him of taking away public exchequer to his home.

The hospital administration was in for a surprise this afternoon when concerned minister rang to the Principal GMC Hospital Dr Suganda Raina and apprised her of a video which went viral on social media.

In the video, the junior doctor visibly irritated on the complaints of electricity fluctuations in the GMC Hospital by the patients causing inconvenience to them, besides, non attentiveness of doctors in the hospital, can be heard using vulgar language against the minister.

“Main Koi Lineman Nahi Hoon. Paisa Minister….. Le Gaya Hai…Pucho Usko (I am not an electrician.The fund for the hospital has been taken away by the minister…. go and ask him).

The exact words used by the doctor for the Minister have not been reproduced by this scribe for their obscenity and vulgarity.

The video of the incident went viral on social media.

Watch Video :

When contacted, HoD Surgery, Dr. Sunil Gupta said, “I have called the explanation of that PG, Sarang Gupta and action will be taken in this regard after completing the inquiry”. The principal of GMC Jammu Dr Sunanda Raina said that the matter is in her notice and an inquiry committee of senior doctors has been constituted that shall inquire and submit its report within 24 hours.

Sources in the GMC divulged that few faculty members to maintain their pseduo-popularity and hegemony go on misguiding the administration in GMC Jammu that has spoiled whole atmospheres of the hospital.

The inter-personal relations of senior faculty are at the lowest ebb and there are caste, religion and regional cold war going on within the GMC faculty.

“Even for the elections of MTA (Medical Teachers Association) that is a body of merely 250 odd faculty members there is a tug of war between multiple groups.

If such sad state of affairs continues unabated, and hospital administration is not overhauled in addition to revamping and upgrading emergency services, the days are not far away when this so called premier institution shall go to docks and ultimate loss should be to both patients and profession” they added.

Health Minister Dr Devinder Kumar Manyal said that Principal was asked to enquire the matter and take appropriate action.

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