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Jammu, Srinagar worst affected by climate change: Govt panel


rains-chennai-andhra-floodsBoth Jammu and Srinagar are the two worst affected cities in the state because of the change in climate witnessed over the years. This has been confirmed by none other than Union Ministry of Environment and Forests which has prepared a revised State Action Plan for Climate Change. It is because of this reason that both the cities witness extreme temperature in summers, and winters. The floods, cyclones, and untimely rains, and continued dry weather with rain patterns changing is also the result of changing weather patterns.

The impact of the climate change would be maximum in urban areas with pressure on public health, damage due to weather phenomenon like mud slides, land slides, floods and seminal cities. The problem has been accentuated by very fast urbanization, poor development if infrastructure, encroachment of rivers, nullahs and other similar violations. Encroachment of forests, and diversion of agricultural land for building homes is another reason that cities like Srinagar and Jammu are facing problems due to climate change. The change in weather is likely to give rise to diseases especially those which are vector borne and water borne. Nataural calamities can also cause losses in terms of human lives, and that of property.

Tourism industry in the state which has grown in an unplanned manner to an extent is responsible for the change in local environment, which ultimately sums to affect the overall weather conditions. The plan calls for sustainable tourism where only that number is allowed which the local ecology can sustain.

The union ministry has called for development of new infrastructure that helps meet the climate challenge.

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