Jammu to Srinagar flights now at Rs 2500 ?

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Amid concerns expressed by Lok Sabha members over exorbitant airfares, There is a proposal by the Government to ensure that only Rs 2,500 will be charged per ticket for flights which have a duration of less than one-hour.

 The government also said it will hold consultations with the airlines to explore the possibility of curbing the menace of charging exorbitant airfares during emergency situations.
The Ministry of Civil Aviation has proposed an upfront subsidy to airlines by levying a two per cent fee on all domestic and international commercial flights in order to bring down the cost of air travel on non-metro routes. The proposed move, which could result in an increase in flight costs on trunk domestic air routes such as those connecting major metros as well as international routes, is aimed at bringing down the cost of air travel on non-metro routes to about Rs 2,500 per flying hour under a freshly conceived Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) that was unveiled in the revised draft civil aviation policy.
The policy will be put up for public consultations for a period of three weeks. As per the draft policy, the government will provide viability gap funding (VGF) to airlines flying to underserved and unserved destinations to keep air fares at about Rs 2,500 per flying hour on regional routes.
The proposed subsidies for enhancing air connectivity would, however, be only offered in states which reduce VAT on ATF to one per cent or less at RCS airports.
It would be a real relief for the people of the state if the proposed rule is implemented in the State, since Jammu and Srinagar fall into the category.


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