Jammu : Traffic Police Challans 4,442 vehicles, seizes 140


Traffic Police Rural Jammu challaned 4442 vehicles and seized 140 vehicles in the first fortnight of this month.

As per police spokesman, special drives were conducted by Traffic Police Rural Jammu under the supervision of Shaheen Wahid, Superintendent of Police, Traffic Rural against violation of traffic rules to ensure strict enforcement.

During the drives, 4442 vehicles were challaned and 140 vehicles have been seized in the first fortnight of this month, the spokesman added.

He informed that out of the total 4442 vehicles, 435 vehicles were booked against overloading, 751 vehicles against not wearing of crash helmets, 522 vehicles against not wearing of seat belts, 501 vehicles against without driving license, 26 vehicles against use of mobile phone while driving, 128 vehicles against over speeding, 135 vehicles against use of pressure horns, 134 against commercial vehicles fitted with tape recorders etc.

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