Endless traffic on the Rehari Chungi road- Is this your cry too?


The Rehari Chungi- Janipur-Ban Talab road has become a nightmare for the daily commuters and pedestrians. It takes over an hour  for a vehicle to cover a distance of a few Kilometers.

2482011153430953What makes it ironical is that the route is even taken by many judges and lawyers who also get stuck in traffic at times  but seemingly, even they haven’t cared enough. The concerned authorities have done nothing.

Just deploying a few traffic policemen has not solved the problem and despite that the state government hasn’t initiated any serious exercise. A flyover or an alternate road could resolve the matter but the authority has been tossing away the matter in sheer neglect. This is surprisingly, one of the busiest road stretches in the region. The locals have been demanding construction of an alternate road from Amphalla to Ban Talab but the departments as well as the government has turned a deaf ear to the continuous pleas.

The frequent traffic jams have already made our lives hell and I think it’s high time for the authorities to think for us and initiate some project of flyover or at least an alternate road. The government’s had placed Rs 30 crore project of constructing a flyover on that road but the state government clearly didn’t want to bear the compensation cost to the people in lieu of the land they would acquire, hence no action.  The problem in not trivial and is rather bugging a lot of people, not only the nearby residents but also all the commuters. This is also the route to GMC and even ambulances have been seen stuck in traffic jams for hours. Students, office-goers it is everybody’s cry. They should be concerned about the public and should stop throwing our pleas in trash.