Jammu twins meet Dr. Abdul Kalam


Twin brother and sister from Jammu & Kashmir met Ex-President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at his residence in the evening on 20 July 2015. Dr Abdul Kalam met Swapnila and Swapnil Acharya basically from Hooghly, West Bengal, Jammu based 6th standard students of JKPS Kunjwani wards of Shri Shib Narayan Acharya and Sarmistha Acharya, and interacted with them at his residence, New Delhi during his short visit to the capital.

They got really excited to interact with Dr Kalam and they presented him a model of Akash Missile made by them personally as a token of their love and affection.

When Swapnila asked about how the Missile works and why it flies from one place to another, Dr. Kalam said “My teacher once explained on the blackboard how a bird flies… I instantly got attracted to it and I decided to make something fly one day. Every child must have some great aim before the age of 15.” He also explained in details how missile works.

When Swapnil asked, “ You are the father of Indian Missile Development Programme undertaken by DRDO and popularly known as Missile Man of India. You made a missile, but it is a destroyer of mankind. Then why did you make it”? He laughed and said that if anybody tries to disturb our sovereignty from outside the country and destabilizes and harms us then only we will launch the missile.


Dr, Kalam also said that “one day you will be in Mars and Moon and you will stay there”, in reply to a question of Swapnila “ How can we reach to a different surface of Moon from Earth surface”.

Why Swapnil asked “how did you become scientist? If I want to become scientist what should I study?” Dr. Kalam explained in details how one can become scientist from oridinary background.

“We met him and we spoke about life, country, honor, respect and family. Towards the end, he asked us if we had any questions for him. This was a dream come true for us! But, we were flustered. We asked, “How can we become a man like you? “He laughed, paused for a bit, smiled and said, “Dream Big, Respect parents and teachers and be a good human being.” We took pictures and his autograph. We touched his feet and got his blessings. Finally we were escorted out of his residence” said jubilant Swapnila and Swapnil.

When contacted, the proud mother of twin Swapnila and Swapnil Mrs. Sarmistha Acharya said it is a proud moment for us and for the school to interact with such a great man of values and virtues”. “we will be highly honoured if you can bestow on us blessings and wishes asked by the happy mother to the great man” added Mrs. Acharya.

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