Jammu : Two Wheeler’s…A Gift of Death for the Youth, What is Role of Parent’s in this ?

We as countrymen are sitting at a very sad stake of life along with all the other goodness which cannot be ignored.

Talking about the youth of the nation it is very unfortunate that they have no desire of valuing the most beautiful gift of the God that is “life”.  They are consistently playing with their lives in one way or another, letting down all those people who are associated with them.

They do not understand the fact that they have mothers because they exist, they have fathers because they themselves have a life, they are able to share and cherish memories with their siblings because they happen to live with them.

The youth is so carried away by the thrills and charms of the materialistic world that they have totally forgotten the concerns of reality.

Talking about Jammu, like the youth of other cities which have completely misunderstood the concept of westernization and are practicing it in the wrong way, Jammu as well is following the herd.

However, westernization doesn’t mean being cruel to anyone or to yourself. It doesn’t mean to misuse the liberty. It doesn’t mean not valuing what you have.

Of course growth has no end, but growing doesn’t mean ruining what you can save! Westernization teaches us the concept of being self made, not self destruction. What we consider westernization is mere stupidity. What we find cool is mere insanity.

One of the newest ways of playing with their own lives is bike riding. They Ride in a way that assures a sad death. They find immense pleasure in the thrill that harsh riding prevails but they certainly do not care about how bad the consequences can possibly be.

They need to know that the beauty that they are trying to chase is nowhere but within them. It is very important to help them become responsible and civilized citizens.

They ought to discover the importance of their lives and know what blunder it will create if they lose it. What havoc it will bring in the lives of people who love them.

They need to understand how beautiful life is! This is quite obvious that one who lives has to die one day, but there is no point inviting death to take you away in the ugliest way.

Over speeding might give u chills and thrills but it will not end for very long. Youth is considered to be the future of any society. But they need to understand their role and importance of existence.

A man who loves himself takes the first step towards happiness. It is like throwing a pebble into a silent lake: at first circular ripple will arise around the pebble very close to pebble, naturally, where else can they arise? And then they will go on spreading; they will reach the farthest shore.

They need to say no to over speeding of their two wheelers and ride them keeping in mind all they safety measures because what they think is cool is probably the most dangerous thing.

And parents should for sure teach them how to bear rejections.

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