Jammu University students being forced to appear for exams amid shutdown

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The Jammu University, because of its authoritarian approach, has been propelling its students to appear for exams for various courses even during the complete shutdown in the region. The shutdown has reached Day sixth amid protest against the government over the demand of establishment of a separate AIIMS in Jammu. All business establishments, offices, shops were closed and the public transport remained off road too.

A large number of students are from far off and rural areas as described by the university administration. The administration said that the students who cannot reach examination halls due to non availability of public transport are “non serious”.

The dictatorial approach of the administration came to light on July 31 when only 20-25 law students out of 400 were asked to sit in the examination, despite the non-availability of transport facility due to the strict shutdown. Majority of the students could not reach the Jammu university campus for examinations but the varsity administration described them as non serious.

A delegation of students had also requested the Controller of Examination to postpone the examination scheduled for July 31. The students who managed to reach the campus in their private vehicles also held demonstrations in support of the ones who were unable to appear in the respective exam. The law school was locked by them and slogans were raised against the authorities for forcing them to appear in the exam. The university authorities also declared that no examination would be re-conducted for the students who could not make it to the examination centre as they are non-serious.  The students who raised slogans against the authorities were evicted from the Law School by security guards and a few even got injured. Deepak Gupta, a Law school student resultantly fractured his arm. The students complained that it is complete dictatorship on the part of the administration.

One of the students said that in the past the university always postponed the examinations but this time they seem to working at the behest of the BJP as they refused to postpone the examinations, letting the students suffer. Another student said that if they were so eager to conduct the examination, they should have arranged vehicles for students.

The university also appealed to all organizations and individuals leading the Jammu Bandh that “in the academic interests of the students of this region, they may seriously consider keeping the university- announced examinations outside the purview of the shutdown calls.”

The university, constantly ignoring the hardships being faced by the students, declared that all the notified examinations shall be held as per the date sheets notified unless and the postponement is notified by the university. Similarly, the second semester law students also staged a demonstration and did not appear in the Code Procedure examination, scheduled to be held on August 3.

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