Jammu voters disillusioned by BJP’s whimpering in front of PDP to form Govt

The political uncertainty, hardening of the pro-Kashmiri, and pro-separatist stand by PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has lead to disillusionment among the people of Jammu region who saw in her a leader who could bridge the gap between Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh.

With PDP sticking tersely to it’s demands which are more are less concerning Kashmir valley-the people in Jammu except the political parties like BJP have realized that there is no way common ground can be found between the two regions. While Kashmir is on it’s way to become extremely radicalized and moving towards politics of aloofness, the people in Jammu region now also prefer going the right or the saffron way indicating more hardening of stances. It is very clear that more the PDP, and Mehbooba Mufti harden their position greater would be the rise in antipathy between two regions.

The BJP must also understand that voters in Jammu had brought it into power to end discrimination, and not to succumb to the blackmailing of the Kashmir centric party. Right now Mehbooba Mufti, and her party has kept not only BJP but the entire state to ransom by continuing her antics as neither she nor her party are ready to take the final call. Both PDP, and BJP are scared that calling a spade a space might jeopardize the cozy political settlement, and forces them again into another round of rough political fight.

But for people of Jammu, the site of BJP and it’s leaders both in the state, and centre whimpering to the commands of Mehbooba is a pitiable sight as they are not used to beg in most difficult of conditions. The proud Dogras of this land had not bowed even to the might of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and the British at the height of their power so it feels sad that their descendants are today bending so much to gain some semblance of power which is also ephemeral.

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