Jammu : Watch Exclusive video of Trafficked bonded Labourers including kids Rescued from Reasi & Samba


Trafficked Bonded Laboureres Rescued from Samba & Reasi

In a surprising sequence of events team of National Campaign Committee for Eradication of Bonded Labour (NCCEBL), a part of Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC), Human Rights Network (HRLN) New Dehli, in coordination with the district authorities of districts Samba & Reasi raided illegal brick kilns operating in the respective areas rescuing illegally trafficked bonded laboureres.

These bonded labourers were trafficked from Chhattisgarh by an agent who promised them work and later made them do forced work or beggar for contractors operating brick kilns in Anantnag District of Jammu & Kashmir. They were made to work for 18 hours altogether without proper meals and without any wages. Even small children were not spared and were made to do work at brick kiln at Bhagwati Brick Kiln in Reasi  and some of them contracted diseases due to lack of any basic amenity. Earlier many of them suffered chest related ailments as they couldn’t bear shivering cold in Kashmir.



#Jammu Trafficked Bonded Laborer Rescued from Samba & Reasi

Trafficked Bonded Laboureres Rescued from Samba & Reasi

Posted by Jammu culture and heritage on Saturday, December 30, 2017

When these trafficked bonded laboureres protested, agent brought his goons beating them to pulp and later they were transported from Anantnag to Samba and Reasi districts of Jammu & Kashmir. Many of women bonded labourers were in family ways giving birth braving death as medical avenues were next to impossible and they had not a single penny to spend on themselves. Now after their rescue, their rehabilitation remains a challenge as there is no proper mechanism yet in country to provide rehabilitation to rescued bonded laboureres. Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976 does assure same but implementation remains a tough challenge.

National Campaign Committee for Eradication of Bonded Labour (NCCEBL), part of Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC) has done consistent work for identification, rescue and rehabilitation of bonded labourers in the country since long. This rescue was conducted by NCCEBL, SLIC and National Human Rights Commission in coordination with respective district authorities.

Convener of NCCEBL Nirmal Gorana said, “Thousands of bonded labourers are still doing forced labour in Jammu & Kashmir and there is no mechanism in place to repatriate them back and rehabilitate them.”

“There is need to bust this illegal trafficking racket of bonded labourers which includes women and to break this vicious cycle of trafficking and forced labour where agents on allurement of promising work carry these labourers from State to State,” he added further.