Jammu west Congress leader among four detained for exchange of physical blows

Jammu March 30: Congress leader from Jammu West, Surinder Shingari who has contested from the constituency twice came to exchanging physical blows with three youth at the Bakshi Nagar police station premises.

Both the groups had reached the police station to lodge complaints against each other and entered an argument which heated up so much so that the groups came to blows in front of the police. After getting a medical inspection done, the police detained and locked up all the four for physically fighting and engaging in a verbal spat u/s 107 and 150.

According to Surinder Shingari, a religious ceremony (paath) has been organized at his place and he was visiting the Bakshi Nagar Gurudwara to pay obeisance with his relatives. He alleged that upon coming out of the Gurudwara, some people attacked him and started thrashing him. He added that the men were also armed.

The Congress leader then said that he had gone to the Bakshi Nagar police station to lodge a complaint. He alleged that the men who had thrashed him also reached the police station at the same time and attacked him in front of the cops. Shingari also alleged that this attack was formulated by BJP state President and similar incidents have happened earlier as well.

From the other group, Harpreet Singh alias Honey Singh said that Shingari was driving rashly near the Bakshi Nagar Gurudwara and whizzed past almost crushing him. Harpreet Singh further alleged that Shingari almost hit a rehri vendor too. Harpreet then added that he along with this associates had reached the Bakshi Nagar police station to lodge a complaint against the same and Shingari started hitting them at the police station itself.

According to SHO Ashwani Kumar both the groups had entered a brawl inside the police station premises. The police has had the medical examination done for all the four members. Both the parties had only verbally accused each other and there was no written complaint from either party. Both the parties were detained as a matter of preventive measures. The SHO further added that both groups have entered similar skirmishes earlier as well.

Inputs from Amar Ujala

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