Jammu: Who is facilitating Rohingyas with local sim Cards?

The Rohingya issue has garnered many a eyeballs, especially in Jammu. Home Minister Rajnath Singh even went on to term the existence of Rohingyas in Jammu as a security threat. The Rohingyas residing in Jammu, on the other hand are trying their best to make a strong ground for themselves by availing Aadhar cards and Local Sim cards by fraudlent means.

A population of around 5000 Rohingyas in Jammu already has mobile phones with local sim cards. Upon asking as to where they got the sim cards from, some say ‘Locals helped us out’, while others say “Private Telecom companies came to our basti and distributed them”. Bost the answers seem unbelievable as no Jammu resident in right frame of mind would facilitate these people with sims, that too in their own name. This reeks of an impending disaster planning going on in closed doors, through illegal channels.

Such a scenario may lead to a massive security lapse in Jammu. Upon asking if they have Voter IDs and Aadhar Cards, they have no answer. It is pertinent to mention here that U4UVoice had unearthed the Fake Aadhar Card Racket in Jammu in a sting operation earlier in May this year.

With special security arrangements in Jammu, even the tourists who come from outside the state find a lot of difficulty in availing sim cards. Thus, Rohingyas having sim cards seems completely out of bounds unless an insider is faclitating the Rohingyas with sim cards for personal gains.


In clusters, where Rohingya Muslims are staying, several youth have even opened mobile repairing shops and earn Rs 200-300 per day by repairing mobile handsets. Others have been selling SIM cards. In certain cases, even some of the local shopkeepers in the area have been selling SIM cards at a premium to earn their livelihood.

During day time the young boys can be seen spending leisure time in small hotels playing online games on their mobiles. For recharge, they visit Narwal area to add value to their pre paid cards.

According to reports, some of the well connected Rohingya Muslims have been procuring SIM cards of private mobile companies by exploiting well connected sympathisers. Some Srinagar based NGOs have also deployed their volunteers to process Rohingya Muslims’ cases for ensuring SIM cards. Ironically, till date the local police authorities have not taken any cognisance against individuals involved in the business of selling SIM cards to Rohingya Muslims.

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