Jammu woman thrashed a Budgam man on Residency Road

Jammu and Kashmir News

A large number of people accumulated at the Residency Road area of the city after they saw a woman thrashing a man on the main road and almost dragged him to the police station in the middle of the day.

She explained that the man had promised her a job and had taken Lakhs of rupees from her and had not reached back to her after taking the money. The woman said that she was informed that the man was staying at a Hotel on Residency Road and that is when she thought of catching him red-handed.

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The man identified as Gulam Rasool, belongs to Budgam and seeing the woman he tried to run away, but the woman along with the help of the surrounding people got hold of him, and later she took him to the police station.

After questioning both the woman and the man for about two hours, the police found out that the woman, who actually belongs to R.S. Pura and currently living in Sarwal had given the man 10 lakh Rupees from her with the promise of getting her a job. The woman said that after getting the money, Gulam Rasool changed his number and she wasn’t able to contact him. It was after a long time that she got a tip on him and finally caught him. The police have transferred the case to the Police Station at Sarwal since the case fell in Sarwal Jurisdiction.

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