Jammu: Devotees very faithfully pray the serpent deity today in the city. Nag Panchami is celebrated on every Panchami i.e. the 5th day of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon period) in the Shravan month.

U4U Voice exclusively visited the famous Nag Barmi at Panjthirthi and witnessed  the devotion and faith of the devotees feeding and bathing snakes with milk and preaching the lord.

This festival is solely dedicated to worship the snakes. This festival possess great importance in Jammu as well as in the whole country.

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Snake is also called out to be the ornament of God Shiva. The ancient scriptures of India tell us that the Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu bears the weight of earth on his head.

Devotees in great numbers worshipped the snakes in different parts of the city and also fed milk to the deity for they believe that deity is supposed to protect from the bites of the venomous snakes.

There is a belief attached to the festival that the unmarried woman who keep fast or Nag Panchami Vrat and Puja and also feed the snakes get good husbands. Moreover, they also get protection from the snake bites.

Naga Panchami Festival day is considered to be a good day to perform pujas such as Naga Puja in any Shiva Temple.  Kaal Sarpa Dosha puja is also performed by the people who are affected with the Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

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