JAMMUHigh Court Reprimands PDD, Instructions to give Compensation of 20 lakh rupees to the victim Labour


The High Court has directed the Power Development Department (PDD) to pay a compensation of Rs 20 lakh to a worker. The High Court found that 90 per cent of the workers were disabled due to the department’s negligence, and in such a situation, the department must give proper Compensation for this loss.

According to the case, the petitioner filed a complaint stating that the father of the petitioner was engaged as a labourer for the construction of the office of District Soil Conservation at Sambal, Udhampur. 11 KV high tension double circuit line passed through the entrance of this office. Due to this, there was a threat to the lives of the workers working there and their accompanying family members, and the workers had also demanded its removal, but the PDD sidelined this demand.

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According to the petitioner, on April 1, 2009, the petitioner had gone to this building with his father, and at around 3.45 pm, when he was sitting under the wires, suddenly the cables caught fire, and he was hit by it. Due to the electrocution, his entire body was burnt, and one arm had to be amputated. The petitioner also presented the report of the CMO of Udhampur, in which the petitioner was declared 90 per cent handicapped. The High Court found that the petitioner’s age was 13 years at the time of the accident. In such a situation, if the income of six thousand rupees per month is also made the basis, then the petitioner should get at least twenty lakh compensation.