Jammuites, do not pay Rs 10 for 2-wheeler or Rs 20 for car parking

The private parking contractors in Jammu are fleecing residents by overcharging parking fee and the poor people of Jammu who are already facing a parking crunch have no other option other than paying these exaggerated charges to get their vehicles parked.

The streamlined charges set by JMC or JDA at most places are

Jammuites, do not pay Rs 10 for 2-wheeler or Rs 20 for car parking
JDA Parking Rules Board at Bahu Plaza Parking

What is your role in this

If at all a parking slip is given to you, take it at the time of parking, asking the guy to write the time. You would notice that they would almost always write things on top of the slip in a way that hides the correct charges.

Check the correct prices on the slip. You would always see the above mentioned prices of Rs 5 and Rs 10 for the first two hours. Do not hesitate to take up the issue with the parking guy. They will agree if you got them to write the time in the first place. If someone does try and overcharge you forcibly or making excuses, you just give U4UVoice a call and we would see that the matter is resolved with either JDA or JMC.

You need to know that the contract of the contractor can be revoked for these malpractices.

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