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Jammuites pay tribute to the martyrs

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As the country weeps in pain and agony at the loss of our innocent martyred soldiers. Jammuites came together at Balidan Stamb, Jammu earlier today to pay homage to the martyrs who have shed their blood and life for the country.

Prominent citizens along with different school children came here to pay Sharadanjali and prayed to the lord to grant peace to the lost souls and give strength to their families to bear the loss.

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They hope that the blood of the martyrs may turn into the seed of the church.

“We appeal to the Government Of India that enough is enough , a major action should to be taken against the continuous violence that has disturbed the nation inside out. It is the need of an hour and also a request from the whole country to take a firm action. Whole nation and the people of Jammu are mourning and are standing with the families of the martyrs.” said, a member of Dogra Sadar Sabha.

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