Jammuites Rejoice; Jammu-Jalandhar Double Rail-Track almost complete

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The dream of dual train track from Jammu to Jalandhar might come true by the end of this year. The biggest challenge to this project was River Ravi and Beas that run right between Lakhanpur and Madhopur and the bridge that was to be constructed over it. It seems very likely that by the month of November the construction of that bridge would be complete.

Almost 860 meters wide Ravi needs about 20 pillars for the bridge and 18 of them have already been built. Once all 20 pillars are made, the iron tracks will be laid next. Krishna Construction Company from Kurukshetra, Haryana has taken up this project. Roughly about 22 Crores have been put into this project with the target of completing the entire pillar construction work within 15 months. The project started on the 15th of September, 2015 and is now on the verge of its completion.

According to the engineers, the new bridge that is being constructed is as per the designs of the new railway     revised standards. Also the construction of the bridge over river Beas is on full pace and is in its final stages of completion. The double lining of railway tracks between Jammu and Kathua has already been done.

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