Jammuites shocked after internet NOT banned

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Jammu, 22 June: Just when Jammuites, the non-complaining citizens of the state of J&K, had begun adjusting to haphazard internet ban in the winter capital, the authorities have again put them in a state of uncertainty.

A sizeable percentage of the residents of the winter capital had posted a highly unusual number of instagram photos, facebook statuses and tweets assuming another internet ban on the night of 21 June which also happened to be the longest day of the year.

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The unusual spike in the number of posts from Jammu region was accepted by local hackers who are always on a lookout for posts from the females who never cut enough slack to them in school or college.

Jammuites were shocked today morning when they woke up to see no internet ban on mobile data services or the landline based broadband connections.

What was more shocking is that none of the posts by even the females had managed to garner much attention on the above mentioned social media.

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Earlier in the morning today, some denizens thought that their areas may have been mistakenly left out by the telecom operators but by 8 am news of no internet ban had spread like wildfire on social messaging application WhatsApp.

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Jammuites are not taking these confusing developments lightly and have decided to protest in front of the DC office demanding that internet services be snapped or that the authorities government pay them damages for the mental harassment that everyone goes through in trying to adjust to the whims and fancy of those at helm.

More updates shortly

Disclaimer: This is a humor piece. Please have a laugh and avoid confusion. Cheers!

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