Jammuites suffer due to slow speed of laying of sewerage pipes


By Citizen Journalist: Pawan Choudhary

Jammu: Jammuites are facing a lot of problems due to the slow speed of laying of sewerage pipes in Jammu city which is also a main cause of traffic jams in the Jammu city.

The agencies responsible for the laying of sewerage pipes instead of completing the project in a time bound manner is delaying the project due to which the people get suffer. The condition is very pitiable during the rainy days. The water gets stagnated in the areas near the area where the sewerage pipes are being laid. Pedestrians face a lot of hardships due to the stagnation of water which also affects the business of the shopkeepers also. We see at many places where the roads were dug last year only patching was done on these roads instead of laying of roads.

The government should complete this project on fast track basis in a time bound manner without delaying the project any more.

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