Jammu’s 100-yr old shop is the only one of it’s kind



om prakash (1)
If you live in the city area or you pass through very often, there are chances you have seen this man shining and repairing utensils in his shop at Moti Bazaar. His name is Om Prakash Pahalwan and he is working here for last 70 years.

The shop he works in belongs to his forefathers. It was established before the time of independence and is now more than 100 years old .

Om Prakash who is now more than 80 years old is a well known person among our elders since it is the only shop in Jammu that deals with polishing and repairing of old utensils. Our mothers or even grandmothers might have visited him at least once in their lifetime with an old, worn out piece from the Kitchen that he might have made into new.

Eighty years old and still working in a small shop, it might have painted a sorry picture in your mind. You must be thinking that Om Prakash has to do this in order to survive but the story is completely opposite. Om Prakash belongs to good household. He has 4 daughters and 3 sons, all are settled enough to take care of this aged father. Om Prakash comes to work because he wants to. He is not forced upon by circumstances.om prakash (3)

“There was time when people used utensils made of different metals like copper, brass, steel etc. Now, these are used as just decoration pieces,” Om Prakash said.om prakash (4)

“Eating food in metallic utensils is something that belongs to our heritage and it has some health value too,” he added.