Jammu’s 16 year old ‘Chaiwala’ keeps biz running with Paytm


Islah-Ud-Din, the owner of tea stall at Bahu plaza is using Paytm for cashless transactions. By using digital payment system he is promoting the cashless transactions.

In a short conversation with Ishal-Ud-Din, he told that he installed Paytm 2 days ago for the convenience of people. He told us that most people paid in cash for tea and other eatables but he had started Paytm and now he is spreading awareness about digital transactions.

He said that he aware the people about the Paytm money transfer.

“I tell everyone that if they don’t have cash to pay, they can transfer money through Paytm. I have installed this for the convenience of people and for making people aware of the cashless transaction, he said.”

He told that he had already used the digital payment system before Paytm. He had used Airtel money prior to this but Airtel didnot promote their digital payment channel, so ultimately he stopped using it.

Islah-ud-din metric pass and is running that tea stall since 16 years. He got to know about the Paytm through TV advertisements. Paytm employee Gorav approached him to start Paytm service at his tea stall. He agreed and launched this service for the cash transactions.

He said he supports PM Modi and wants to be a part of his schemes, that’s why he is promoting digital transactions.

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