Jammu’s local plant Sinduria can cure Cancer

Jammu, February 08: This local plant of Jammu called Kamla or Sinduriya is detected as the cure for Cancer disease. According to a recent research, a certain compound has been found in the plant which is capable of fighting eight kinds of Cancer  in humans.

The discovery has been made bJammu’s local plant Sinduriay Dr. Vikas Sharma, an associate professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Science at the Sher-e- Kashmir University of ¬†Agricultural Science and Technology, Jammu. He has been researching on the ANTI-Cancer potential in the local plants of Jammu for last three years.

While the other anti-synthetic medicines can harm other cell of the body along with the cancer cells, this plant consists of a certain herbal compound which can be used in the medicines for cancer and it will not produce any side effects, said the research.

The plant is found in the hills of Nandani on the outskirts of Jammu.

During his research, the Doctor found out that the Anti-cancer compound in the extracts of Sinduriya plant is working on almost all kinds of cancer cells found in Human body. It can be used to cure the Ovarian cancer, Prostate Cancer, Liver and Lungs cancer specially.

After completing all sort of formalities, the compound will be sent to pharmaceutical companies to prepare the anti-cancer drug.

Pertinently, the available records has claimed that a total of 11815 cases of cancer has been recorded in Jammu and Kashmir in last few years out of which 5198 people lost their lives in the year 2014-15.

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