Jammu’s school children are using these two as replacement for drugs


Drugs come in various forms, and can be taken in numerous ways. Drug abuse and misuse can cause numerous health problems, and in serious cases even death. They are also called “uppers” because of their ability to make you feel very awake.

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Constant use of such drugs can have very negative effects on the user. In order to prevent extreme negative side effects of these drugs and the impact they have on life, drug treatment centers are often recommended.

The Drug Enforcement Department together with the Narcotics Department are keeping a strict watch on narcotic smuggling.
Drugs in Jammu
Teenagers in Jammu, nowadays, are addicted to drugs and are switching over to various forms of spirits which are readily available in the market. Drugs in the form of injections, capsules and white powders are not the only drugs which are spoiling the lives of youth of the state’s winter capital, but the peddlers have also introduced many cheaper and easily available drugs or spirits to get youth addicted.
In Jammu especially, teenage school students are getting addicted to various forms of spirits. They buy spirit glues such as quick fix and magic gel, put it in a polythene bag and inhale the fumes.
Not only the glue, but products containing spirit such as whitener, glues, aerosol sprays and shoe polish are also easily available in the market and are ruining the lives of youth of the state.
It has become a matter of serious concern for the state. The Deputy Commissioner of Jammu region has already taken up the issue and started investigation.
Zorawar Singh Jamwal, chairman, Team Jammu – an organisation spearheading the struggle against drug addiction and smuggling of narcotics and drugs into Jammu and Kashmir said that they do not have any figure of the number of addicts yet, but it is not less.
Senior Superintendent of Police, Jammu, Sunil Gupta added that they have heard a lot about such addictions but no specific case has been reported yet.

Youth in the country and our state especially are vulnerable to this menace. Drug abuse along with the abuse of alcohol coupled with smoking of tobacco products is taking a heavy toll on the health of the youth. It entails not only health costs but also economic and social costs. To summarize, the spread of drug abuse among the youth has starting hurting the foundation of our society. Efforts from all the sects of the society are required to cut it off.