Janipur youth brutally stabbed by money borrower and his family

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu :  In his attempt to get the loaned amount back, a man visited the house of the borrower and was in turn stabbed by him and his family.

Wounded and blood spilling out of his body from almost everywhere, the man identified as Pranav Verma (32), son of Subash Chandra and resident of Janipur, was rushed to GMC.
As per the police, Pranav works in the Fire and Emergency Department and had lent out some money to a Paloura resident. On Saturday evening, when he went to get his money back, he was greeted with knife stabs. After a while he was seen coming out of the place drenched in blood, while the housemates, left the house open and fled the scene. He was moved to the hospital with help from the locals.
After his family reached the hospital, the police were informed. Owing to his critical condition, the doctors started operating on him immediately. He is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital. The police have filed a case under the attempt to murder charges and begun investigation. They even went looking for the accused but have found no one so far.
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